Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have one bedroom flats?

No, all flats are two bedroom with the same features.

Do you have furnished flats?

No, All flats are unfurnished, the flat shown in the advert has been prepared for advertising purposes only.

How do we feel about security?

The development is very secure. We will have a security guard from a reputable. Security Company for access control 24 hours a day. The Security Company closely situated for quick response. We have electric fencing around the premises which is linked to Fidelity ADT armed response.

Is there parking for my car?

Yes, included in the rent is one parking bay. Any additional parking bays will be on an availability only and first come first serve system.

Can you please explain the hot water

Hot water is pumped from a central point to your taps. No are no geysers on the premises. The hot water costs R250 (Two hundred and Fifty Rand) per month which includes 2500 hot water litres. The hot water meter will be read monthly. Should you exceed the 2500 hot water litres you will be billed in arrears for the overage at R0.10 (10c) per liter

Do you have internet on the premises?

Yes, Fibre optics high-speed internet has been installed at the development. Our service provider is Macrolan, and should you wish to have internet in your apartment, you will then enter into a contract with Macrolan.

Do you have house rules?

Yes, there are house rules. Unfortunately, no pets are allowed. Full details of the house rules will be discussed upon signing a lease.

Will there be a caretaker?

Yes, we have a dedicated caretaker who will be residing on the premises. We also have a letting office who will be manned by the building manager and admin assistant from Monday to Friday.

What is the qualifying criteria?

  • Minimum net income after deductions of R25000
  • Have a valid SA ID Document / Passport + work visa
  • Complete an application form

How will I know if I got the flat?

You will receive an email from our offices to advise the status of your application.